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Shipping & Returns

Shipping & Delivery

Where do we deliver our products? 

  • We deliver to almost any postal address in the world. However, we do not currently offer shipments to Russia, Bangladesh, Pakistan and China.

  • Courier companies do not deliver to a PO Box address, so please include a complete street address with your PIN/post/zip code.

  • Please note that shipments to the USA and some other countries will be left at the door if someone is not around to receive the parcel or if no one answers the doorbell. Our courier partner agencies like DHL/FEDEX/ARAMEX/India Post, etc. will not be able to provide proof of delivery in such cases.

  • Delivery on Saturdays and Sundays will not be done in most localities as they follow a 5-day work culture.

  • In addition, deliveries are generally carried out during courier companies' regular business hours and may vary from country to country.

  • Please note that there are no shipments made from the Banarasi Saree House store on Sundays and public holidays as our logistics partners do not collect items on these days.

  • If you have ordered two or more items, you may receive them in multiple boxes on different days due to different product availability and delivery locations.

  • Items are often shipped separately for added transit safety reasons, so you may receive multiple deliveries to your address.


Are there any hidden charges and fees? 

We do not charge any additional shipping charges for delivering your favorite product. Customs charges and duties depend on the rules and regulations of the recipient country and we do not charge them. If custom duty tax is charged on shipment, we are not responsible for that. 

Please note: The government of your country of residence may impose applicable import or export duties in accordance with local laws.


Shipping to India 

We are very proud to be able to deliver to any address in India for our customers. To ensure the fastest possible delivery confirmation for all orders to India please make sure you provide the FULL postal address with the correct PIN. We are not responsible for delays resulting from incomplete address listings. 

Also note that all the shipments to college/school/hostel/hotel, etc. will be at your own risk and expense. If the respective admin/management does not accept your package or is rejected for any reason, Banarasi Saree House will not refund the money or store credit to the customer's account under any circumstances, and Banarasi Saree House will not attempt to reship the same order. In case if you are willing to reship the order please contact our customer support team. 

For a special or preferred delivery date, the sender must indicate the delivery date in the gift message box at the time of ordering. If the order does not specify a delivery date, it will be delivered at the first opportunity, as soon as possible.


Transit Times 

If you have ordered two or more items, you may receive them in multiple boxes on different days due to varying availability and delivery locations. Items are often shipped separately for added transit safety reasons, so you may receive multiple deliveries to your address.

 Transit Risk 

If the courier agency does not or fails to deliver, you will not incur any loss. The risk of transportation is all ours. But Banarasi Saree House will not be held responsible for lost or stolen parcels, as well as for any partial or complete damage to the parcel after it was delivered to the customer's address by the courier agency.


Shipment and Tracking Details 

  • We will send you an email when your order has been shipped as soon as the package is delivered to the courier partner. These alert emails will include the tracking number and details of the website of the courier companies, as well as the estimated delivery date. You can also check this on the track order page or in the "My Account" section of our website.

  • Tracking numbers for shipped orders may take around 24 business hours to become active on the courier websites. Please notify us within 24 hours if you find any delays in the delivery of your parcel.

  • If you have not received your item within 7 business days of receiving the tracking data, please track the shipment once or contact us if the tracking details are unclear.

  • In the event of any irregularities in delivery, we will not be able to review any reported cases post 48 hours of delivery or after 48 hours of receiving the order delivered by our courier partners.


Address Change Requests 

Once your order has been registered, you will not be able to make further changes. However, requests to change your address may be processed within 24 hours of placing your order. You can email us a change request and we'll do our best.


Multiple Address Order 

This option is currently not available. However, if you would like to ship to different addresses, you can place multiple orders.


Incorrect or Incomplete Address 

Please note: Some courier companies will charge a penalty for incorrect delivery addresses that do not match the address and zip code. The cost of these penalties/fees, without exception, is borne by the customer and not by Banarasi Saree House. Please make sure the shipping address is correct. 

In the event of a reshipment of the same order, customers will be responsible for paying reshipment fees and charges.


Packing Method 

All goods are boxed or wrapped in polyethylene bags. All orders are shipped using first-class Air courier services and delivered to your door within approximately 4-6 business days of shipment.


Time to Ship 

  • For each product, we have indicated the time to ship on the product description page. These are approximate values and indicative only, and items may be shipped sooner or later depending on product availability and other factors.

  • It is recommended that you email us the item codes for a more accurate estimate of delivery times.

  • In most cases, your order will be processed within 48-72 hours of placing your order. You can expect to receive your order within 7-15 business days from the date it is dispatched.

  • If you are returning an order that was delivered to you, the shipping charges for returning the item will be consistent with our return policy.


What if there is a delay in shipping? 

The “Availability” listed on our website for each item represents the approximate number of days it will take to ship our order out of our warehouse. 

If, for any reason, there is a delay in delivery due to an "out of stock" item or an unusual delay in order fulfillment, we will notify you by email. We can also choose to ship your order in several different consignments. In some cases, we may offer refunds for part of your pending order if we are unable to fulfill your order within a reasonable time frame. 

Sometimes there may be delays due to situations beyond our control. Refunds, returns, replacements and exchanges will not be considered in these scenarios. However, benefits such as store credit will be provided on a case-by-case basis. They can be used for future purchases on the site.


Billing Address and Shipping Address 

The billing address is the address from which the customer receives invoices/bills from the credit card company. The shipping address is the address where the customer wishes to receive the package.


What happens if the package/order is lost during transit? 

If the package is lost in transit, we will wait 15 days to reprocess/resend the order. If you have any questions about our shipping policies, please send us an email.

Return & Exchanges

Returns & Cancellations

At Banarasi Saree House, we strive to ensure that as a customer, you have the best experience when choosing and buying your favorite Indian ethnic wear. Despite our efforts to meet the needs of our customers, there may be times when you feel the need to return a product due to circumstances beyond our control.

We've listed everything about our cancellation and refund policy below, so if you decide to cancel your order or request a refund, you won't face any problems.

Please note: - Stitched/Customized products are not eligible for return or refund as these types of products are customized as per the measurements request of buyer and we work according to their requirements and put additional resources.


Cancellation before shipment

Can I cancel my order if I change my mind after placing the order?

Yes, you can only cancel your order if you have done so within 24 hours of placing the order. We will refund 100% of your money in the form of store credit or if the customer requests a refund to a bank account, card or any other way we received payment for the order, then 10% will be deducted as a payment gateway processing and administration fee. A confirmation email will be sent to you for the same.

What happens if I cancel my order after 24 hours?

  • Well, we have a provision for that, but keep in mind - orders canceled after 24 hours of confirmation are handled by our customer service on a case-by-case basis, depending on process completion from our end.

  • We will refund for such orders only in the form of store credit. This store credit can be redeemed on our website within a specified issuance period.

  • If your order is already in process (such as customization or shipment has been generated) we will not be able to cancel the order.

Can there be a delay in order processing due to "unforeseen circumstances"?

We do our best to ensure that your ordered products arrive on time, but sometimes there is a risk of processing delays due to unavailability of stock or other unavoidable circumstances. In this case, we will send an official email requesting the following:

  • Accept an equivalent value store credit that you can use to purchase another alternative product from our store.

  • Opt for a refund. (For more information on refunds, click here)

What if I can't find any alternative product?

In such cases, we will refund the amount after deducting the transaction/payment processor charge (approx 10% of order amount) and We also offer 100% refund in the form of a store credit or a discount coupon, depending on the value of the order and communication delays.

If I failed or missed to add some critical details while placing the order, is it possible to update it?

No problem. In such cases you may have forgotten to add a complete shipping address or wrong measurements or any other basic requirements, you can contact our customer support or email us regarding the updates required within 24 hours of placing your order.

As a policy, if we find something missing from the customer’s end, we try to contact our valued customers through their registered email addresses. If there is no answer, we try to call them in some cases. If we do not receive a response within 7 days, we will provide in-store non-refundable store credit that customers can use to place future orders with us. We will also send updates by email.

Remember that we try to keep our customers informed at every step of their ordering process with us.


Return after delivery

I have received the order, but have some issues. Can I return the ordered items?

Yes, you can. At Banarasi Saree House, we believe in connecting our family with happy customers. We take strict steps to provide the finest fashion to our customers around the world in the best possible way, but there is always the possibility that:

  • Items/products may get damaged during shipping transportation.

  • A manufacturing defect that was not noticed during packaging is possible.

  • The wrong item was sent to you by mistake.

How soon do I need to contact you?

Please contact us within 48 hours of receiving your order to report any claims regarding the product received as damaged, manufacturing defect, or any other problems.

Under what circumstances would you not accept a return?

Please note that any product purchased from our website will not be returned under our return policy unless it is a manufacturing defect or the wrong item has been shipped to you by mistake. We do not accept returns if the item was shipped to us after 7 days of receiving the shipment, so be sure to report the problem to us and ship the item back as soon as possible after we accept your return request.

Please Note: Do not ship items until you have received a return confirmation email from us because we will not be able to process such requests.

What are the steps for returning an item ordered from Banarasi Saree House?

1. Informing Banarasi Saree House

If you have any complaints about the product you received, please let us know within 48 hours of receiving the product.

2. Wait for the confirmation email from Banarasi Saree House

You will receive a confirmation from us after confirming the return authorization within 2-3 business days. Please do not ship the products until you receive this email from us. We will not be able to process "Product Returned" without a return authorization confirmation from us.

Please Note. If necessary, we will request a digital photograph of the item for our internal review so that we can process your request.

Shipping the products back

When you are shipping back the items to us:

1. As advised in our return confirmation email, please only return your package via Registered Local Postal Service with tracking system and no insurance.

2. Make sure to retain all packing materials with the product. When making a return, you must have the original packaging.

3. Do not forget to mark the packaging as "Defective Items for Returns" and "not for sale"

Product receipt and inspection at the Banarasi Saree House Warehouse

As per our policy, our staff will inspect the products on return and will identify any defects/variations according to your indications.

Solutions offered upon receipt of returned items

After checking the returned items, our customer service team will provide corrective solutions on a case-by-case basis:

1. Choose another alternative ethnic wear as an equivalent substitute.

2. Store credit that can be used later for shopping at Banarasi Saree House.

3. Process refund as decided on case to case basis.

What options do I have in case of error by Banarasi Saree House?

We will properly acknowledge the problem and you can always decide to proceed with:

1. Product replacement

2. Store credits

3. Refund of order value

What will be the return/store credit value if I choose the same?

1. 100% of the value of the goods will be ensured, including shipping and customization costs (if applicable).

2. In any case, the refund will not exceed the amount paid by you.

Do I have to pay the courier charges to return the item back to Banarasi Saree House?

If we make a mistake despite our best efforts, additional shipping costs incurred in returning the product will be refunded. In all other cases, you are responsible for shipping and other costs.

How long does it take for returned items to arrive back at Banarasi Saree House?

International shipments usually take 8-10 days in transit if done via postal service. For shipment return in India, it takes 3-4 days if shipped via reputed courier service. The exact delivery time depends on the type of product and its location.


More About Refunds

Are there any special points to be aware of for the refund process?

Refunds will be initiated within 6-7 business days if you choose this option, which will be refunded in accordance with your bank/credit card policies.

Is there a reason for the bank/credit card delay?

1. For debit/credit card transactions, the refund process depends solely on the service provider.

2. For customers who transact through nationalized banks, expect a short processing delay as they tend to have longer delivery/lead times.

3. For Indian customers, please note that usually banks only send SMS to customers for transactions over INR 5,000. If the refund is less than INR 5,000, please make sure to check your bank or credit card account statement.

4. If you have used store credit or promo/coupon code to place your order, the refund will be issued in the same form. In this case, cash refund is not possible in accordance with governing laws.

In case you have any issues or concerns, please reach out to us via Live Chat or visit the Banarasi Saree Customer Support.

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